Making technology accessible and empowering clients to be self-driven

Technology must be easy to use and a help to you in your everyday digital communication. In Dekode we prefer designing communication tools you can operate yourself over solutions we have to manage for you. The uncomplicated web solution requires we are specialists in all parts of the digital development cycles from user design to integrations, to server set-up and support.

We have good overview of the latest solutions and products available in the digital market and help you make the proper choices for you. We want to avoid you getting locked to rigid platforms. At any given time we want to be able to recommend you the best solution to meet your specific needs. No matter of your choice of web tools you can rest assured that Dekode adheres to modern, future-oriented web standards giving you a sustainable web solution.

We prefer open-source code  and currently make up the largest agency of WordPress specialists in Norway. WordPress is the dominant CMS with a market share of 59%. This entails that much of the basic functionality utilized in most digital solutions already exists. Consequently, we can concentrate on making good choices on behalf of your customers.