Tablet screenshot of Vossafår
Mobile screenshot of Vossafår
Mobile screenshot of Vossafår

The great challenge was to get the game, with every animation and sound, to work on as many browsers, gadgets and screen sizes as possible. In addition, we had to keep Alt for Norge’s design profile and Vossafår’s quirky universe in mind.

The Dialect Test was launched in the middle of the Norwegian summer holiday, when TVNorge started promoting “Alt for Norge”. TV viewers were introduced to the show and challenged to try the Dialect Test online. Vossafår published a story about the game and the prizes to be won on their popular Facebook page. Along with this, the Dialect Test received some unexpected attention when local YouTube celebs Prebz and Dennis tested the game for about 150.000 subscribers. Before the television show premiered on the 30th of August, more than 80.000 players had tried the game and placed more than 1,6 million dialect phrases on the map. At Dekode we have graduated to become dialect experts, at long last we can fully understand each other during lunchbreaks.


Frontend development