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The Organ Donation Foundation (Stiftelsen Organdonasjon) was established in 1997 due to the great shortage of organs for transplants. Now, 20 years later, the foundation is still working to help improve access to organs for transplants.

They do this by informing the public about what organ donation is, and by conveying how important it is that we all take a stand on organ donation while we’re alive. Their website plays a major role in reaching out to potential donors.

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A “yes” can save lives

When the Organ Donation Foundation came to us in Dekode, they already had excellent visibility on their keywords SEO-wise. However, they had an outdated web design and little flexibility to create effective web pages.

The goals were thus to redesign the page while improving the conversion rate and maintaining the SEO-visibility. In addition to an increase in donors, it is important to give people who are interested in the cause easier and better opportunities to contribute. Several KPIs are linked to variations of this work. 

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The solution

The online visual identity was updated by using fewer colors and softer shapes, among other things. By simplifying the design, the visual expression was enhanced: Suddenly it became easier for people to connect the Organ Donation Foundation with the green identity color. The softer hue gives a more humane look.

Content structure flexibility is probably the biggest change. The solution uses Gutenberg, the block-based editor for WordPress.

Now, The Organ Donation Foundation has got their hands on excellent modules for mixing content types, including various forms of “Call-to-Actions”. This is a prerequisite for being able to test conversion rates and overall effectiveness for your websites. In terms of time or money, the user experience engaging visitors has been massively improved.

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The important stories

The Organ Donation Foundation also got a new type of content called “Stories”, for a clearer distinction between emotional narratives with exchange of experience and other content.

New look

In order to maintain good visibility in search engines, no major changes were made to the content structure. The Organ Donation Foundation’s most important knowledge and messages retained the same URLs, and was published in a new look.

With a visual update and a new and modular tool for solving multiple communication needs, we at Dekode are crossing our fingers for the website to increase the number of organ donors. Remember: You only have to say it to become one!

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Stiftelsen Organdonasjon (The Organ Donation Foundation)

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