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The Norwegian Cancer Society

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Dekode is the Norwegian Cancer Society‘s digital partner.

With a close collaboration and a long-term perspective, we built a robust and flexible tool, freeing up the time for the Cancer Society to focus on the important information job they have in creating widespread communication and information about cancer.

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Flexibility plays an extremely important role as an online information office for users who need quality-assured knowledge about cancer from a trustworthy source.

With an eye for performance

The Norwegian Cancer Society wanted a lean, flexible and easily maintainable web solution that adapted well to the users and provided the opportunity to easily create subpages and campaign pages as needed.

When Dekode started working on the project, the goal was to develop a solution with an eye for performance. By using WordPress in a standardized way, we created a future-proof and rigid website.

Now, just months later, the Norwegian Cancer Society has a website that is both fast and robust. We look forward to working continuously over time with the Norwegian Cancer Society to create the best websites about information on cancer in Norway.

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– When we were looking for a new partner, Dekode was the natural choice. They offered us a close collaboration, and the fact that we could manage our own source code and not lock ourselves into systems that provide close to no flexibility.


Tor Mikael Kristensen, IT-manager at the Norwegian Cancer Society.

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Mutual trust

The collaboration has a fixed sprint once a month. This creates predictability, even interest from both parties and ensures continuous development. This also includes the 16 subpages and the online store.

The flexibility offered to us by Dekode is not common. Dekode gives us freedom by involving our own developer, giving him or her access to the project. That means that we‘re in this together, and we trust each other.

Tor Mikael Kristensen, IT-manager at the Norwegian Cancer Society.

Read the case study

We‘ve written a case study about the exciting collaboration between Dekode and the Norwegian Cancer Society. Click here, and we‘ll send you the digital story we‘ve named “The Norwegian Cancer Society – from vendor dependent to independent” (In Norwegain only). 


The Norwegian Cancer Society