Sandnes Garn


Sandes Garn has a long and proud history. They are one of a few remaining businesses that have kept production back home in Norway. Annually they produce ca 650 tons of yarn, which is sold to stores in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Along with Trollweb we have created their new webshop.

Desktop screenshot of Sandnes Garn

While working on visual design for the webshop we constantly paid attention to user needs and efficiently facilitated the most important user functions. At the same time, we wanted to carry on, nurture and pay respect to the beautiful visual identity of Sandnes Garn.


The factory in Sandnes has its very own design department. With strong emphasis on in-house and Norwegian produced design, Sandnes Garn is making knitting patterns and publish several (very popular) pattern books throughout the year. With great photography and knitting recipes they are important for keen knitters around the country.


Sandnes Garn

Frontend development

Trollweb: Magento webshop solution


Tablet screenshot of Sandnes Garn

The webshop shall inspire knitters to have a go at new patterns, it shall also make it easy for seasoned knitters to find new colors of their favorite yarn. The new product pages simplify the process of adding additional products as soon as a recipe has been chosen, as well as changing yarn quality and color.