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Royal Norwegian Automobile Club

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Royal Norwegian Automobile Club (RNAC)

(Kongelig Norsk Automobilklub) is Norway’s first car organization, established in 1907. Through its groundbreaking work, RNAC shaped motoring in Norway. When Dekode came in contact with RNAC, the organization was in the middle of a positioning process. They wanted to revitalize their political commitment and consolidate their position as the voice of the car people.

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The starting point

The Royal Norwegian Automobile Club wanted a new website, as well as iOS and Android mobile applications. The website was to solve new communication needs, while the app’s primary role was to enable a digital membership card, as well as quick access to RNCA’s roadside assistance from mobile phones. RNCA’s design idents were relatively new.

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Royal Norwegian Automobile Club – ready for growth

To manage RNAC’s assets more efficiently, Dekode proposed a mix of WordPress and a Progressive Web Application (PWA). The latter is a website that can imitate much of the functionality found in ordinary mobile apps and thus the app need was solved in a cost-effective way.

The website was created on WordPress with the block-based editor “Gutenberg”. By tailoring modules to RNAC’s purposes, the website solves their communication needs.

Through counseling and workshops, we recommended that RNAC ought to switch to digital membership, which is renewed automatically. This was solved by implementing Stripe payment solution with recurring payments. The organization is thus able to handle further growth in the membership.

“My Page” for paying members is built as a PWA and is fully integrated with the member database. With a valid membership, you have access to a digital membership card, roadside assistance, advice and administration of the membership.

Logo for KNA

Visual enhancements

In line with the new positioning, Dekode took the initiative to change RNAC’s logo. We took a deep dive in the archives and found our way back to the wheel that used to adorn the RNCA logo. With close cooperation and a good dose of pragmatism, RNCA revitalized their visual profile and have acquired a tool that can assist in setting new positioning goals and ambitions.


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Royal Norwegian Automobile Club (Kongelig Norsk Automobilklub)

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