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With their website, Paleet wants to enhance the overall experience of their centre. The ambition is to attract more clients and secure revisits.

Desktop screenshot of Paleet


Frontend development

Design by Neue


Tablet screenshot of Paleet

In collaboration with KLP and Paleet, Dekode created a homepage that illuminates  the high end nature of the centre. It communicates with clients through an interactive tool, especially created for this solution. The website stems from a platform made by Dekode for KLP Eiendom, that enables different shopping centres to have unique profiles.

Mobile screenshot of Paleet

Decode created a superior framework for KLP containing a number of flexible modules that caters for the unique profile and needs of each shopping centre. The platform includes an intranet solution that can be utilized as a channel on two different levels. Between KLP management and centre management, and between centre management and the tenants of each centre. There is also an interface where tenants can market their goods and services to consumers, plus respond to customer inquires.