The Oleana webshop project is a collaboration between Anti Bergen and Dekode.
Anti has been working closely with Oleana to refresh their identity, aligning it with
the high quality product they offer their customers, and their unique, local identity.
Oleana does textile design and production at Norwegian factory with heritage all the way back to the mid 19th century.


The main objective for the project was correct positioning, giving Oleana a good tool to grow in the right direction. A strong identity is key in the fashion industry. The webshop had to represent the story behind the product as well as making the products stand out.
Oleana needed efficient distribution of content across various pages, in order to reduce time spent on publishing and editing.


The site is a modular construction. Layout on landing pages can easily be modified by drag and dropping blocks of content. In addition to their article template for creation of “Journals”, Dekode produced several custom content types Oleana can publish across their site for maximum effect, matching their products on tags with information about inspiration, collections, quality, product care and so forth. The emphasis has been on providing the uniqe selling points in direct relation to the product.



In the first stage of this project Oleana wanted focus on positioning, image and delicate display of products with relevant content. E-commerce is only enabled in Norway. Foreign IP addresses get the English site without e-commerce. Future stages will focus on commerce and optimisation.



Profile and web design:
Anti Bergen