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NordNorsk Reiseliv (Visit Northern Norway)

From hiking up a mountain top, cycling from island to island, walking on ropes on glaciers, fishing to gastronomic experiences, to well-being and cultural treasures, and let’s not forget dog sledding, ice fishing or the Aurora Borealis: Northern Norway as a destination has a lot to offer. 

That’s precisely what’s being reflected on the website The beautiful northern Norway with magnificent nature and the regional rich cultural heritage.

Image from Northern Norway with sea, mountains and red and yellow houses

Plan your trip to Northern Norway according to your interests

When NordNorsk Reiseliv came to us in Dekode in 2018, they had a new strategy, a sort of strategic compass. The compass paved way for defined initiatives and offers towards the target groups based on interests or reasons for traveling. This way, the users of the website could get relevant information about their trip to Northern Norway, based on cultural interest, need for recreation, romantic weekend and outdoor life, to name a few alternatives.

It provided guidelines for the development of the website, which now helps NordNorsk Reiseliv to use their strategic compass for inspiring editorial content.

Content and content structure were important success criteria for the new website in order to achieve the goals. Getting a basic setup so that NordNorsk Reiseliv could get started with the content work for as early as possible was thus very expedient.


Image of a red tent and a man in a snowstorm

Quick start with modules

Thanks to our standard Teft modules, we were able to swiftly set up a prototype/installation, where NordNorsk Reiseliv could experiment with creating and shaping inspiring content.

Based on this, we were able to uncover specific needs for design and tools, and the insight was beneficial in the design and development process. This resulted in an efficient use of time and money.

Tablet screenshot of NordNorsk Reiseliv (Visit Northern Norway)

Custom modules were built such as:

  1. Theme module that makes it easy to create themes on a page to create several different inputs to relevant content for the user.
  2. Highlighted content module that makes it possible to highlight specific content that is important to the user.
  3. Predefined tag structure to ensure uniform tagging of content. This is important because it gives editors a better way to tag content, and because it offers users a contextual overview.
  4. Top list module to be able to highlight “5 best experiences” where the editor can retrieve content from a specific category or taxonomy, or create a custom card.
  5. Instagram photo and text module for retrieving Instagram photos and placing it together with text.

About the solution is a multisite, with room for several networks in the same installation.

In addition, we created a Nisje installation, which will mobilize the local tourism industry. With Nisje, local businesses can work together to improve their offers for tourists. At the same time, the installation is intended as a content hub, where proper posts/articles or offers for tourists can be redirected to the website.

Red fishing boat in the Northern Norway with birds, sea and mountains surrounding it
Desktop screenshot of NordNorsk Reiseliv (Visit Northern Norway)

— When developing, the collaboration with Dekode has been just as exciting as it has been challenging. The professionalism in dealing with requirements of a modern website is obvious. However, the holistic and strategic approach around our digital position has been equally important.

Mats Hoel Johannessen
Digital leader in NordNorsk Reiseliv

NordNorsk Reiseliv