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Nordland Turselskap had not done any changes to their internet presence since 2001. With all the time passed they had – naturally – learnt a lot about their visitors and what they look for. Based on this know-how we could clean up, restructure and simplify the content, in order to highlight the most sought after content.

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Oldschool < Newschool

The old page was characterized by small images, tiny text and general narrow design in tables and other features. Quickly we agreed to go the other way. Large images, high readability and clean design are now the main characteristics of the solution, whether you`re with your laptop on the couch, or using your mobile on the buss.

Tablet screenshot of Nordland Turselskap

A lot for many

Nordland Turselskap offers a wide array of experiences: Activities for single individuals, groups, companies, bachelor parties – in the sea, in the mountains, hiking – with novice, medium and experienced degrees of difficulty, the list goes on! We chose to add an easy to use filter, giving the user shortcuts to the activities that are closest to their preference.


Design of visual profile and logo

The new logo we designed for Nordland Turselskap has a clean and modern expression that works well on all formats. The name and symbol matches perfectly but have enough character to stand alone as well. The font is inspired by Norrøn written language and the letters share resemblance with mountains and scenery. Values such as nature, activity, and the joy of hiking are all visible in both symbol and name.

Nordland Turselskap

Frontend development