Mills AS

Mills AS is a Norwegian, family-owned food and brand house.

They have a long tradition and an exciting history, dating back to the establishment at Grunerløkka in 1885, where the company HQ remains to this day. Mills produce and market several of the country’s most famous and beloved foods under the brands Delikat, Mills, Vita hjertego ‘, Soft Flora, Olivero, Plantego’ and Melange.

Image of a lunch table with different foods from Mills

Continuous development

In recent years, Mills has done a great job of offering tasteful and inspiring recipes to consumers via its website. This is one of several important pieces in Mills’ communication and marketing work. Using a website for these purposes over time requires a lot from your own organization and digital partner. The needs change as the organization grows and the technology is constantly evolving.

Image of a lunch table with different foods from Mills

Operating partner

Mills was looking for a partner who could assist them with responsive support and further development. At the same time, it was important to choose a partner who could take care of operations and continuously ensure that the technology was safe and up-to-date between the active development projects.

In Dekode, we experience an increasing amount of inquiries from businesses finding themselves in a similar situation. The unique thing about Dekode is that we have a dedicated operations and management department. This team is on standby and available even after the website is launched. Access to support as a service is probably something many people underestimate when purchasing digital services.

Image of a lunch table with different foods from Mills

Dekode has taken over the operation and management responsibility for and their associated sites. When the code is developed by a third party, the work starts with a thorough code review. It‘s like taking your car to the repair shop for maintenance. 

At the “repair shop”, we browse through code standards, and the website’s foundation. We identify any needs for adjustments and any necessary updates to ensure that the website is safe, and in a condition that enables us as a digital partner to take care of operation and further development in a cost-effective way.

This gives us the necessary insight into how the website is structured, in order to provide fast support and web support when needed.

Image of a lunch table with different foods from Mills

— Often, and for obvious reasons, the focus is concentrated on the process around building the new website. However, the digital partner is required to be fully prepared and rigged for any small or large needs that may occur after launch as well – with a reasonable response time.

Ruben Søderlind, COO in Dekode.

We really appreciate working closely with one of the country’s largest brand, offering products most of us have a close relationship with.

Image of a lunch table with different foods from Mills


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