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A dynamic local community

OPP is one out of four newspapers participating in a project called “Dynamic local communities”, organized through “Landslaget for lokalaviser”. The aim of the project is to create journalism that brings the local community closer through dialogue and creative solutions.

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With this in mind along with a general need to overhaul digitally, Dekode helped OPP with a concept that is innovative, responsive and made on WordPress.

New Services

To us it was important to come up with new ideas on how a local newspaper can position itself as an important community participant, along with providing new and attractive services for the users, that can create more traffic and new ways of generating revenue. The solution enables everything you would expect from a modern online newspaper. In addition to this we have created serveral different services to get the reader involved.

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Direct commenting on frontpage.

By logging on via Facebook or by creating a profile on, users can add comments to articles directly on frontpage. This makes the articles more dynamic, the readership comes alive as part of the overall news picture.

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User generated bulletin board

A traditional bulletin board for buy and sell, lost and found, gratulations and other declarations.

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User generated calendar

A calendar generated by the readership. The calendar has a prominent position on frontpage, thereby generating a lot of attention to the events.

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We have also created a solution for the businesses in the local community of Oppdal. It is called “Oppguiden”.
OPP can offer registration in the business guide in addition to extended services such as providing a unique profile page.

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