Juveler Langaard

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Visual design



FRANK identity

Langaard designs all of their jewelry in their own workshop with six jewelers and designers. Our task was to help Langaard move out off old sites with difficult CMS solutions, outdated design, poor user experience and a perceived impression that did not match what they wished for.

Desktop screenshot of Juveler Langaard

For this project we quickly determined that much of the work was is in the details, just like the products at Langaard. Our designers and developers worked closely together with a “visual touch” that gives visitors the sense of exclusiveness, everywhere.

Desktop screenshot of Juveler Langaard

New product pictures were taken at the same angle, to create a pleasant and orderly presentation of jewelry.

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We built – as we always do – the new page in WordPress and gave Langaard a high degree of flexibility with our bespoke and highly intuitive administration panel. The website consists of modules that can be used across the solution so that it is easy to create interesting pages and articles.