Industri Energi

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Industri Energi

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Design by Netlife Research


Tablet screenshot of Industri Energi

One of the most important user functions is quick access to the work terms that apply to your unit or club. This information is provided by searching for work place (and position, if applicable). The user is given access to his/hers main agreement and to the clubs external website, if such exists.

Work place, club, industry and agreements are linked in the admin user interface for publishers. It can easily be edited or expanded to cover more employees.



Tablet screenshot of Industri Energi

The club page has a news feed with industry news and information tagged relevant for the unit you belong to.

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The members of Industri Energi have various benefits, such as access to holiday apartments in Spain. To administer these we have built a booking system where users can get an overview of all the available time slots, the different locations and images of each unique apartment.

”Dekode has along with Netlife Research, done a great job creating the Industri Energi website. They are seasoned professionals that provide great service. We value our collaboration”.

-Christine Meling Christensen, Director of Communications