Hardanger Cutlery

Hardanger Cutlery (Hardanger Bestikk)is a family-owned business located in Kinsarvik, with a long and proud history based on Norwegian craftsmanship. Inspired by the fjord and the mountains by the Hardangerfjord, they’ve developed and designed cutlery since 1958. Dekode has developed their Norwegian, Swedish and international website and e-commerce solution.

Image of different kinds of cutlery from Hardanger Bestikk


In 2016, Anti Bergen worked closely with the company to revitalize/redesign the visual identity of Hardanger Cutlery. We at Dekode were asked to develop the e-commerce solution. With the traditional history of Hardanger cutlery, the new identity created by Anti, combined with our knowledge of technology and e-commerce, became both a beautiful and technically impressive solution.

Both the website, the e-commerce solution and the design have since been optimized and further developed by Dekode.

Tablet screenshot of Hardanger Cutlery

– We’ve been very pleased with our long-term commitment together with Dekode. They value the user experience by using content modules, which reflect the brand’s identity. This also makes it easier for us editors to put together new content faster without having to worry about compatibility. Dekode has an eagerness to constantly improve the site to the customer’s best.


Frida Haara Leikvoll,

Marketing Manager at Hardanger Cutlery

Assorted cutlery from Hardanger Bestikk


Allthough Hardanger Cutlery aims to reach customers in Norway, the company has investments in other countries as well. In addition to the Norwegian side, it also has an international site. In 2020 a new e-commerce solution was launched for Sweden. The three pages are all built on the same design framework, which makes it easy to scale to other languages and currencies.

At the heart of the technical structure is Synkron, an integration middleware that Dekode has developed. Through Synkron, basic data and stock status are automatically retrieved to the various pages from Visma.

Data enrichment (product description, tags etc) required for the various online store installations takes place in one place: Hardanger works in a “master” spreadsheet / xls.ark for all online store solutions. When it is updated, the correct data transfers to the correct online store immediately.

Desktop screenshot of Hardanger Cutlery


Hardanger Bestikk




Design development

Frontend development


Design by Anti Inc Bergen

Advisory and digital training by epilot.