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Finansforbundet is the largest trade union in the Norwegian financial sector. It represents over 32.000 members from 300 companies. The union is working to ensure that employees in finance and technology have proper pay conditions, the right skills and a decent workplace.

Since 2015, Dekode has assisted Finansforbundet with their website. In 2019, they received a new design, as well as an upgraded site.

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Social actor

As a social actor, Finansforbundet is working for safe workplaces and a sustainable industry. In the wage settlements, they negotiate on behalf of the members, and are a present and clear voice in the public debate.

Members of Finansforbundet are offered scholarships and further education, free legal assistance and representation during periods of company adjustments.

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Good relationships

Together with Netlife, Dekode developed a module-based website for Finansforbundet back in 2015/2016. The website was simple and intuitive, making it easy for the union members to find and access the information they were searching for. The website focused on good flexibility for the web editor as well, set up with simple and understanding building blocks.

After the website launch, Dekode has been responsible for the management and continuous further development of the website. We have thus laid the foundation for a proper collaboration and a good relationship with Finansforbundet.

Fresh needs

In 2019, Finansforbundet wanted to revise and redesign the website, this time with Dekode in the driver’s seat as design and development partner. The first phase of the collaboration consisted of a relatively comprehensive preliminary project, with a focus on insight, needs mapping and anchoring.

User needs were to:

  • find information on wages and wage statistics
  • find courses and events
  • read about their rights in the workplace
  • find membership offers and discounts

While Finansforbundet’s business needs were to:

  • show Finansforbundet as a relevant presence, and membership as an insurance policy for the employment relationship
  • show Finansforbundet’s complete offer
  • recruit new members
  • differentiate Finansforbundet from competitors
  • present the elected union representatives with the tools they need to do a good job for the members and Finansforbundet
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E-learning, people and subjects

On the new website, the Learndash e-learning program was integrated. In that way all members can quickly find and participate in online courses.

An integration was also made with their own CRM system, so that members can easily sign up for, and participate in events and webinars.

In order to make it easier for navigating and finding relevant content, Folk og Fag, which had previously been a separate website, was integrated into More than 100 blog posts were imported. got a far more resilient template, making it easy for web editors to vary the expression in the articles to create a more exciting and varied user experience.

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A separate community area was created based on Dekode’s product Nisje. The community is a collaboration and communication platform for elected union representatives in Finansforbundet.

The community will open up a whole new world of opportunities to interact, talk together, share experiences and good tips between the representatives – a separate digital society where everyone is a contributor to activity and learning.

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Salary calculator and search results

The payroll calculator was a very well-used function on Finansforbundet’s previous websites. The function extended to the new ones as well, this time a bit more simplified, with a new design and a better presentation of the search results.

The search function also got an upgrade, making it possible to group search results in a neater presentation.

In addition, the website is designed so that you can personalize the front page according to user interests. For example, if an elected union representative is logged in, the blocks on the front page, and other pages, will be able to pick out what is relevant to the representative.

The union’s new website was launched in the summer of 2020 and is under continuous development.





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