Mobile screenshot of Boktips

Cappelen Damm wanted to improve the UX and SEO on its content initiative ‘Forlagsliv’. Both Visibility and Cloud Media had been doing SEO analyzes that pointed in the same direction. The site was too introspective in terms of name, categorization and type of content.

In order for Boktips content to gain the greatest possible value, we developed completely new functionality for categorizing and tagging with keywords in WordPress. Keywords were categorized and made available in lists. It became possible for the Boktips editor to make selection of keywords within different categories mandatory before publishing.

The new data structure allows for precise recommendations, good internal search, personalization, better SEO, insight into what kind of content works and higher future ad revenue to name a few.

Desktop screenshot of Boktips

The web design utilizes the possibilities that lie in the data structure. The user has intuitive navigation and is exposed to many entry points to relevant material. New book tips give users what they want!

Cappelen Damm

UX design
Visual design