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One of the Blue Cross’ main goals is to unite the organization in a common digital boost.

— We had 35 different websites, says Katrin Solbakken, head of marketing and communications at Blue Cross Norway.

— Maintaining multiple websites on different platforms with different content became completely impossible. 

– Dekode offered a sustainable solution we could grow with. When you‘re making 35 pages into one common platform over time, you will need a solid, fundamental rig. Dekode made us a module-based and beneficial solution, and helped us with suggestions on how this could and should be solved.

Katrin Solbakken,

marketing and communications manager at Blue Cross

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Solid rig

The first version of the new website was launched in November 2019. Now, the long-term work is well underway. The goal is to reach even more people in need of help with drugs and addiction through

The new Blue Cross website is made with the Gutenberg editor on WordPress. The site is a so-called multisite, which means that the Blue Cross can handle as many web pages as they want from the same editor interface.

With a solid design framework, all functionality and modules produced can be used across the pages. For an organization like the Blue Cross, with many specified websites, this is a cost-effective way to work with the web. In addition, it‘s a great way to ensure quality and continuity across all websites.

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SEO - Focus on text

After an SEO analysis conducted by Dekode, the need for content focus emerged. With a solid platform, the organization can concentrate on creating good, communicative texts to increase organic traffic.

– We hope that more visitors will be able to convert into more donors. That way we will get funds to use for preventive work among children and young people. We’ll use the new platform to provide information and show all of Blue Cross’ extensive work. 


Katrin Solbakken,

marketing and communications manager at Blue Cross

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Read more about the collaboration 

We’ve written a case study about the collaboration between Blue Cross Norway and Dekode. Click here to get access to a digital presentation “The Blue Cross – a website for the future” (Norwegian only)

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