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Beats Unlocked is a virtual workshop for disadvantaged youth in middle school and high school in the United States. With Beats Unlocked, they get the ability to create musical beats using block-based coding in javascript.

Image of a student with headphones around his neck, in front of his laptop

Decode + Facebook = true

Dekode is a partner with Facebook, and we got the job of creating the project’s web solution. Facilitating the project is Facebook’s product and engineering department, EdMod Labs, where the mission is to experiment with different methods for bringing technology to the classroom. Dekode has previously created all the websites for the four different projects under EdMod Labs.

A screen shot of a screen that shows youth in a meeting

– We work with a lot of non-profit, voluntary organizations and NGOs, so when we first got to work with a social media platform of Facebook’s size and caliber, it’s cool that it was EdMod Labs.

General manager and partner in Dekode, Magne Ilsaas.

Facebook Int. is a client on a long-term collaboration plan we got by being one of eleven WordPress VIP Gold-partners. Dekode won a pitch with the project Career Connections a few years ago, and now we are on a framework agreement with Facebook.

Tablet screenshot of Beats Unlocked by Facebook

– This is definitely a project that stands out. It really shows what we’re capable of creating here at Dekode. The website is visually spectacular and we have tailored every single block.

General manager and partner in Dekode, Magne Ilsaas

A young female making music

Dekode and Facebook are on a long-term framework agreement. This means continuous refinement of the existing web solutions we’ve previously created, and why we got the job of creating the new website for the latest project, Beats Unlocked.

Beats Unlocked is currently limited to the United States.









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