WooCommerce Developer

Dekode is currently looking for a WooCommerce developer with medium to large-scale E-commerce experience who…

  • likes e-commerce in general, and is not afraid of the responsibility of running a webstore together with our clients.
  • gets motivated from making user friendly, high quality solutions for our clients.
  • is self-reliant, but happy to collaborate with your colleagues.
  • likes getting feedback and communicates clearly before, during and after a project.
  • can take on a challenge and can take setbacks
  • keeps calm and clear headed under pressure
  • dares to ask questions and challenge accepted truths
  • is a problem solver and doesn’t give up until the task is done
  • is interested in being part of the solution from insight to delivery
    is flexible, solution oriented, updated and curious.

Required skills:

  • You have experience from working with WooCommerce.
  • You are experienced with working with payment integrations, logistics integrations and warehouse systems.
  • You are familiar with ERP and POS systems.
  • You have been working with PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript (a plus if you know React and/or Node.js).
  • Experience with git and deployments (GitOps).
  • If you have experience with microservice architecture and transactional messaging that is also a plus.

Our workplace:

Dekode is the biggest WordPress specialist agency in Scandinavia. We are proud to be 1 out of 11 WordPress VIP agencies in the world, and verified WooCommerce Experts.

Our clients range from small/mid size local businesses in Norway, to big international well known companies. We make websites, webshops, frameworks and intranets.

We are 35 people in Dekode atm; advisors, designers, project managers and developers. We want to bridge the gap between design and technology in order to create the best and most cost-efficient digital user experiences. Grounded in a Scandinavian design tradition, we are proud to create designs of high aesthetic standard without compromising usability. We also have a solid hosting environment.

We are an ambitious crowd, with a relatively flat hierarchy and tolerance towards one another.

Where and when?

Full-time position at one of our offices in either Oslo, Lillehammer or Kvinesdal. We have good experience working with developers in both Italy and England, so if you are the right person for the job, but preferably want to code from a cabin in the deep woods or something, that’s not necessarily a problem, only you have good access to the internet and find you roughly in the same time zone.

What we can offer

  • Brand new office in downtown Oslo (we are also open to remote developers, as we already have quite a few)
  • A strong professional environment for both development and design
  • GREAT coffee and lunch
  • No sharp elbows, a lot of friendly colleagues
  • Flexibility with regard to when and where you work (within reason and core hours)
  • Competitive wages
  • Good insurance and pension plans
  • Competence development if you want to learn more (something we encourage)
  • New laptop and mobile phone every two years
  • Office equipment whenever you need it