Dekode is a creative, digital agency. We are WordPress experts.

We’re challenging and helping our clients become independent all while transforming strategies into specific and measurable digital solutions.

Featured projects


Over the last ten years we’ve been designing and coding websites focusing on the users: The end users and the editors. The latter obviously want to get their job done, and are in need of an effective tool for their daily work routines.


We offer online stores on WooCommerce, with associated integrations towards necessary third-party systems such as inventory, payment solutions, and accounting systems.


We've developed a powerful intranet platform that covers most companies' needs for both structure, interaction and communication. This solution is delivered as an off-the-shelf product with tailoring possibilites, and is currently used by companies with several thousand employees.

Digital partnerships

The single most important prerequisite for digital success is about people, not machines and technology. It's about relationships, trust, patience and the ability to hurry slowly. We can point to many long-term customer relationships, where Dekode is a solution-oriented and pragmatic digital partner.

When does working with Dekode make sense?

In Dekode, we work with a wide range of different clients. Many people are looking for an experienced and trustworthy WordPress developer, while an increasing number of people are coming to us because we have a long-term approach to projects and to those we work with. We don’t make short-term choices to maximize project and profit, but rather live off satisfied, long-term clients. We’re thus dependent on continuously delivering quality work and having a proper chemistry, and at the same time realizing our clients needs.  

We steer clear of short-term projects, and believe in some basic and fundamental principles for our projects, such as reciprocity, longevity, digital maturity and our common ability to align expectations and frameworks. 

Our projects are often:

  • technically complex
  • quality demanding
  • design tailormade
  • very flexible for web editors
  • running on reusable solutions (design and code) made by us 
  • based on us being a long-term digital partner

Currently there’s over 50 of us working at Dekode. We can advise and assist at all stages – from early ideas, strategy, design, and technical development, all the way to completion and implementation, analysis and optimization.

  • Automattic
  • Facebook
  • Telenor
  • Kirkens Bymisjon
  • Startup lab
  • Cappelen Damm
  • Bank Axept
  • Extra Stiftelsen
  • Koro
  • Aera
  • Brønnøysundregistrene
  • DSS
  • Gjensidigestiftelsen
  • Nasjonalbibliotket
  • Norad
  • Olav Thon Stiftelsen
  • Redningsselskapet
  • Ruter
  • Strex
  • Kreftforeningen